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Create robots that research information for you.

WhenX is a tool for creating Semantic Alerts. You can ask a question, and it will search the web and answer it. After that, it will monitor the web and alert you when the answer to your question changes. 

How It Works

You can monitor when your favorite writer publishes a new book, when a new job is posted, or when a new product is released. WhenX will notify you when the answer to your question changes.

Step 1: Write your question

You can write a question like "Is there a new book by J.K. Rowling?“.

Step 2: Test your Alert

Test your alert to make sure that the answers are correct.

Step 3: Deploy your Alert.

Deploy your alert and get notified when the answer changes.

WhenX is just a personal project. It is not meant to be used for commercial purposes. If you have any questions, please reach out to me on Twitter.

Proudly Open Source

WhenX is open source and powered by open source software.
The code is available on GitHub.